Your Help is Needed Now More Than Ever


Dear Friend,

As the pandemic begins to wane, many of us are starting to feel life coming back to normal. We can once again enjoy going to a restaurant, business is picking up and we are able to travel to visit loved ones who we have not seen in a long time. However, as fortunate as many of us have been to have survived the pandemic relatively intact, there are many in our community for whom the future isn’t as bright. 

  •  There are far too many people who have lost a loved one.
  • There are far too many people who have lost a significant percent of their income and savings because they were laid off or a spouse needed to quit their job in order to stay with a young home zoom-schooler. 
  • Some have even lost their homes 

Last year the number of clients in crisis who turned to JFS for help grew from 5,500 to over 7,000. And, our neighbors and friends continue to struggle. The number of families who either lost their homes or were unable to afford rent and turned to JFS QUADRUPLED last year. For these families, JFS was there to assist with temporary housing while our experienced social workers helped them on a plan to stabilize their situations, regain employment and eventually obtain permanent living environments. Sylvia is one of our many clients. 

A single, Jewish woman in her 50s who recently moved to the Metrowest area, Sylvia had no family close by and was not connected to any local service providers. When the pandemic hit, she lost her job and did not understand how to navigate the unemployment insurance system. Overwhelmed and unable to pay rent, she left her apartment not knowing that eviction moratoriums were put into place to protect her. She moved into a hotel and began to quickly spend down her small savings. Then, her situation worsened when she was hospitalized with a stroke. This left her cognitively impaired, and she was discharged back to the community with no supports in place. 

JFS became involved with Sylvia when a concerned community member noticed her sleeping in her car.   

With the help of the JFS Family Assistance program, Sylvia received temporary housing and emergency food cards. A case manager assisted her in applying for food assistance benefits, helped her get medical care and medications, and connected her with SMOC, which led to placement in a women’s shelter. This case is still evolving, and staff are working tirelessly to help Sylvia receive the benefits and supports to which she is entitled. She is truly grateful and knows that JFS is there for her for the long haul.</font 

The only reason that JFS has been able to rescue Sylvia and 100s more in need is because of YOUR donations. We need your help. 

Please make an unrestricted donation (all donations will be matched thanks to a generous donor) to help community members like Sylvia as they adjust to a post-COVID new normal.  Thank you for helping JFS make a difference in the lives of those who need it the most.