Immigrant & Resettlement Services

JFS is developing innovative, integrated resources that address the social, emotional, and financial needs of immigrants, refugees, and asylees, giving them the tools they need to succeed.

Services include:

Pilot Programs:

JFS has worked with individuals and families from over 60 countries including Albania, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, China, Congo, Haiti, India, Iran, Mexico, Portugal, Syria, Tajikistan, Ukraine, Venezuela, Vietnam and Zambia. Watch the below videos and learn how JFS helps refugees and immigrant families in their new community:

Program News

Books for Summer – Many Thanks to Sophie, Ella, and Leah!

Thanks to three industrious 8th graders at Cameron Middle School, JFS was able to provide books for summer to students and families in Framingham! Sophie Donahue, Ella Richer, and Leah Salloway joined forces and coordinated a book drive at their school. Their...

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