Fuller Middle School Students read a book during this school year, where they learned about what it is like for immigrants and refugees to come to the United States. The middle school students were tasked with creating questions to ask three wonderful guest speakers. The three guest speakers have immigrated into the United States and spoke about their firsthand experiences. The guest speakers were a former Framingham Public School graduate, an Immigration Lawyer and a mother wanting a better life for herself and her family.

The former Framingham Public School graduate spoke about her experience at school, where she didn’t know anyone and didn’t know how to speak English. She described her experience as tough getting through school, trying to make friends, and trying to fit in with other kids her age. She persevered and got her diploma; she is now a thriving member of the community! She holds a job, has a daughter, and is very thankful she came to America for a better life.

The Second Speaker was an Immigration Lawyer. He came to America from Brazil. He spoke about how he feels being a part of a new country and all that comes along with it: feeling alone and unincluded. When first coming to America, he struggled in school but turned a negative into a positive and used his own personal experience to ignite the fire within himself to help others. He became the first lawyer in Massachusetts without papers! He now helps other Immigrants get citizenship or legal status by providing the resources needed to start the process of citizenship.

The Third Speaker is a mother of four, originally from Syria that moved to Jordan for a better life. When they arrived in Jordan, they were unable to get health insurance, or the recourses needed to have a happy and safe life. Eventually, her family got the opportunity to come to America, and she is so glad she did. When she arrived in America, the Immigrant Services team of JFS of Metrowest – led by Lucia Panichella, Senior Director of Programs and Partnerships (pictured above) – helped her and her family find housing, jobs, and the resources to begin the citizenship process. She now holds a job and even got her driver’s license, so she is able to bring her kids to and from school.

Thank you to Fuller Middle School and all of the wonderful guest speakers for an incredible and impactful event!