Become A Foster Parent

Our question this month is “What do I need to know before volunteering to become a foster parent for Adoption Choices?”

We are looking for people who can provide temporary care and lots of love for a child who will be part of your family for a short time. It is an opportunity to give a baby their very best start in life before they either go onto an adoptive placement or return to their birth parent.

The requirements are that one parent is “at-home.” Home studies and CORIs need to be updated. Adoption Choices would arrange for these to occur at no charge. Physicals need to be updated as well. The potential foster family could not currently be waiting for an adoptive placement but could be awaiting finalization of a current placement.

Foster families are not needed very often but when we have licensed families we share them three or four other agencies in the area. The length of care ranges from a few days to as long as four to five weeks. The families are reimbursed $35/day plus expenses (clothing, formula, diapers, and baby care). A family may get a phone call when a baby is just about to be born or there may be a lead time of a few weeks.

Typically, foster care is necessary if there has been insufficient time to work with birth parents around an adoption plan; birth parents are ambivalent about their plan and may ultimately end up wanting to parent; or the baby may have medical problems and we need to find a special family to adopt him or her.

We’d also like to take this opportunity to extend our very special thanks to Fran and Terry Goss who have been providing outstanding foster care for our babies for over fifteen years! Prior to working with Adoption Choices, they provided care for babies through Concord Family Services for eight years. They have given much love and wonderful care to many babies over the years. They are now ready to retire and do lots of traveling. We wish them all the best.