Mobilizing Racial Justice Action

As part of JFS’ greater work in mobilizing Tikkun Olam (Repairing the World) and to honor the memory of JFS founder and holocaust survivor Max Michelson who often said “ACT! Don’t be a silent bystander”, JFS’ Committee on Anti-racism and Fighting Antisemitism has identified as one of its primary goals to engage the community in Active Bystandership. The Training Active Bystander (TAB) program is based on the model provided by our partner Quabbin Mediation.

Offering this training is an example of how JFS adapts and innovates to fit the needs of Metrowest. This initiative is unique – no other similar programs exist and JFS is proud to take a leadership role in accelerating equity in our community.

In partnership with Open Spirit Center, accomplishments to date include:

  1. Training of 12 community trainers, including 2 bilingual (Spanish)
  2. A total of 90 community members given Active Bystander Training
  3. JFS has hired Program Specialist Amber Pierre to take the program from its Pilot stage to a wider community program
  4. Goals identified for 2022:
    • Train an additional 10 community trainers
    • Have 250 community member complete the active bystander course
    • Engage faith communities to scale the program
    • Work with the Framingham School District to roll out a student version of this training
    • Roll out a Spanish and Portuguese version of the training specifically focused on the immigrant community

Interested in bringing this program to your organization or adding your name to the wait list for future trainings?

Program News

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