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Read about the JFS Syrian Refugee Humanitarian Project in
The Last Refugee, Through the closing door
by Jenna Russell, The Boston Globe

These are worrisome times. Refugees and Immigrants are in harm’s way. JFS is leading the JFS Syrian Refugee Humanitarian Project.
This humanitarian project is a coalition across eastern Massachusetts that includes Synagogues, Islamic Centers, Academia and the Medical community to provide safety, hope and opportunity to Syrian war refugees.
These are stories of young children; these families are victims of war and have experienced great hardship after fleeing for their lives to Jordan and Turkey.

In her article, This American Family Has Been Saving Refugees Since the Holocaust - Until Trump Stopped Them [PDF], Marisa Fox-Bevilacqua tells the story of "Fatima", a 5-year-old Syrian girl who’s family recently came to the United States and is building a new life with the help of JFS. Fatima's family was lucky, not only to escape the devastation, but also to have arrived before the President's executive order was signed, which abruptly stopped the journey of many other families desperate to find sanctuary.

To address this injustice, JFS has joined with over 17 Boston Jewish organizations in a Communal Joint Statement on Immigration and Refugees — "We stand together on the side of empathy and religious tolerance and we urge the administration to open the gates of compassion to those seeking safety, regardless of their faith or country of origin."


JFS has worked with individuals and families from over 60 countries including Albania, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, China, Congo, Haiti, India, Iran, Mexico, Portugal, Syria, Tajikistan, Ukraine, Venezuela, Vietnam and Zambia.

JFS works to support the needs of refugees and immigrants and today’s programming addresses the challenges New Americans face when building a life in the United States.

Watch these videos and learn how JFS helps refugees and immigrant families their new community:

Citizenship --- A Lifelong Dream Comes True

A Holistic Approach that Helps Immigrant Children Achieve Academic Success

Wrap-Around Services that Help Immigrant Families in Need


that empower immigrant families to succeed

JFS is developing innovative, integrated resources that address the social, emotional and financial needs of immigrants, refugees and asylees. 2nd Chance for Success builds skillsets and guides under-employed and unemployed immigrant and minority workers to stable job opportunities; intensive case management and supplemental nutritional assistance help support families as they adapt to their new surroundings; and citizenship and civic integration programs empower New Americans to actively engage in their community


for low-income, first-generation students

In partnership with the Wilson Elementary School, Framingham State University and Mass Bay Community College, JFS’ Reducing Achievement Gaps initiative is giving our community’s most economically and educationally challenged school-age children and their families the help and resources they need to succeed in school and in life. Extended day tutoring and mentoring reinforce lessons learned in the classroom; a new Performing Arts and Learning theater program bolsters creativity and problem-solving skills; and the Framingham-wide 100 Males to College collaborative supports disadvantaged students as they work to escape poverty through academic achievement.

When individuals and families flee violence and instability and bring their hopes for a better future to this country, JFS is here — proudly supporting the needs of immigrants in our community and steadfastly standing up for those left behind.




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Immigrants, Refugees and Asylees