Dear JFS Supporters and Community Members:

This is your Jewish Family Service of Metrowest 2017 Report to the Community.

You are essential members of our “JFS family”. We are a collective, marshaling professional talent and purposeful volunteerism combined with philanthropy to support those in need with programs that have demonstrated impacts.

The stories and the data within these pages represent the lives you have touched with your generosity and your involvement. We thank you for your investment and commitment.

The JFS Syrian Refugee Humanitarian Project (see the beautiful cover photo of children!) is capturing the attention of the region, even the nation through the Boston Globe feature coverage that will be continuing this fall. This project represents one of the powerful ways that JFS stands up for those who do not have a voice, who are often left behind.

While the stock market booms, social and economic inequity expands. These are perilous times for vulnerable children, families and elders. It cuts across the Jewish community and the general community. The government safety net is ripping apart and many of our clients are tumbling towards crisis. Immigrants and refugees are being rejected by our national leadership.

JFS must be there for them – this is who we are helping together.

The distressed families unable to make ends meet; the children needing warm clothes and food; the immigrants striving to become citizens; the unexpectedly unemployed looking for a job; the elders with memory problems needing accompaniment to doctors’ appointments; couples and individuals wanting to create a family through adoption; the adult children struggling to take care of frail, aging parents.

 JFS is an agency filled with problem solvers. We find the solutions to these problems and very personal needs.

We are proud of our deep roots in Metrowest/Greater Boston and together we will partner to honor the promise JFS has made to the community – standing up for those left behind.

With our gratitude,

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