Over the past few months, JFS has had the pleasure of working with Ava and Josie, two young girls who learned of our Mobilize Boston Project with The Multifaith Alliance  and were so touched by the project, that they chose to contribute as part of their Mitvah Projects! Both girls mobilized their communities and inspired those around them to take part in this important cause.

Ava and her mother used social media to spread the word to family, friends and their larger community. On her fundraising site, Ava explained she felt a deeply personal connection given her own family’s history. Naturally, she wished to pay it forward.

Ava with some of the boxes of supplies she collected for the project

With her hard work, Ava raised over $1500. Once hygiene and school supplies were purchased, Ava, her sister and her friends came together for a backpack packing-event. The group assembled nearly 100 school and hygiene kits by the time they were done and opted to donate the remaining surplus supplies to our project as well.

Ava’s packs will go far, benefiting refugee families so they are better able to maintain personal hygiene and dignity, as well as give children supplies for school and recreation.

Ava and her friends join to make backpack kits!

Josie also spread awareness, but through in-person presentations. After speaking to her principal, Josie conducted several presentations with an informational Powerpoint she designed! She taught other students at her school about JFS’ work, the everyday reality of the refugee crisis, what being a ‘refugee’ means and what we can do to give them a helping hand. Her presentation conveyed a message of hope and peace.

Josie presents about Syrian refugees and her project to other students

Following her presentation, Josie set up a collection drive to gather vital hygienic supplies for refugee families. She and her friends also made cards to send to the children.

From the start, Josie shared her compassion and care about the situation in Syria which spurred her to participate in the project. She highlighted the importance of education so Syrian children can create a future for themselves. She also believes in improving access to general hygiene so they can lead healthy lives. She cares deeply about immigration and wants to continue helping refugees and immigrants.

JFS imparts our greatest thanks to both girls, their families and their communities for spreading this positive message and dedicating great effort to helping children in Syria!