To JFS of Metrowest, 11/20/2020:

“I am writing this letter to express my gratitude to Mr. Sean Woo from the Patient Navigator Program of Jewish Family Service, and Carol Ju from [the] Framingham Housing Authority.


I am 82 years old, living alone by myself, and speak only a dialect from China. I am very lucky to be one of the customers of JFS since 2014. Recently my health condition has been getting worse, therefore, I have to go to the hospital frequently for doctor visits, follow-up appointments, and various treatments. Thanks God that I have JFS providing me with worry-free service.


Ms. Carol Ju is always thee to help me out and get me a patient navigator, even in short notice. I once sent her a message late at night about a coming appointment, and she replied promptly to comfort me and kept me updated the next day.


I have known Mr. Woo for a couple of years from JFS. He is really impressive for his kindness and professionalism. He calls me a couple of days before each appointment to know about my medical condition and history. His calls put my mind at rest, and he is always punctual and prepared for each appointment. I had a couple of appointments at Tufts Medical Center where the office are very confusing to locate [because of the many] different entries, elevators, connectors, and wings. I would get lost in the building and most likely be late or even miss the appointment without Mr. Woo’s help.


It is greatly appreciated and I can’t thank them enough. I love JFS. Thank you again and may God Bless all of you!


Sincerely yours,