Michael Matatia
JFS Volunteer since November 2019
Languages: English, “light high school French barely used except when I venture to Quebec”, and reads Hebrew
Why do you believe the work you are doing at JFS is important?
“JFS is an integral part of the community and elder services from the Patient Navigator program to meals and other support services. For someone looking to give back it is the perfect organization to both help local elderly and people in need. Supporting this organization with time and donations helps your neighbors, which in Judaism is a great mitzvah and an act of kindness. I appreciate JFS for its leadership that gives me the opportunity to help.”
Michael been very active in the Patient Navigator program, but he has worn many volunteer hats with JFS! Since joining the program in November of 2019, Michael has accompanied clients to 19 appointments – 15 pre-pandemic and 4 during COVID-19. One of his first appointments was with a client who was awaiting a Warm Connector volunteer, and Michael volunteered to become that client’s Warm Connector. This April, Michael joined some JFS staff and packed personal care items that were given to members of our community during our Woodrow Wilson Elementary School distributions. In September, Michael was one of the volunteer drivers who delivered special Rosh Hashanah meals to people’s homes.
We are grateful for the many ways in which Michael has stepped forward to help those in need. Thank you, Michael!