Liz Serotte
JFS volunteer since September 2019

Liz has served in multiple roles in the JFS Pathways to College Success Program – both as a “traditional mentor” and as a “classroom coach” in MassBay Community College, Professor Niemi’s honors management course. She has helped recent mentees with mock interviews, career strategy, and with feedback on their final projects in management and marketing courses. She draws on her many areas of expertise in her role as a mentor, and is committed to helping her mentees succeed. When not volunteering, Liz keeps busy working as a Marketing strategy consultant, spending time with her family, and hosting a podcast for busy women seeking balance called Seven Plates Spinning.
Why do you believe the work you are doing at JFS is important?
“Through the Pathways to College Success Mentoring Program I’ve enjoyed getting to know several students at MassBay over the past two years. I think the program is incredibly valuable as it gives students – many of whom are the first in their family to attend college – access to mentors who can share real-world professional experiences that relate to their coursework and enhance classroom learning. It’s been a fantastic experience for me as a volunteer as well. Developing connections with the students, exploring their career interests, and talking through steps they may take to work towards their goals, has been extremely rewarding.”
We’re grateful for Liz’s commitment to the students in the Pathways to College Success program. Thank you, Liz!