Thanks to three industrious 8th graders at Cameron Middle School, JFS was able to provide books for summer to students and families in Framingham!

Sophie Donahue, Ella Richer, and Leah Salloway joined forces and coordinated a book drive at their school. Their dedication and hard work led to a collection of 900 books! After the drive ended, they packed all the books up, and with the help of some adult drivers, delivered a huge carload to the JFS offices.

Next, long-time volunteers and former educators, Judi Locke and Linda Weene sorted the books by age group to get ready for distribution at the Woodrow Wilson School and the Pelham Lifelong Learning Center.
Thank you to Sophie, Ella, and Leah for sharing your love of reading with so many others –– and thank you to our volunteers, partners, and staff whose efforts delivered these books into the hands of other readers!