On Monday, October 25, 2021, JFS staff participated in an experiential art therapy workshop facilitated by acclaimed artist and art therapist, Sara Roizen

The workshops are part of an innovative pilot sponsored by Combined Jewish Philanthropies (CJP) to support the staff of CJP network agencies serving the most vulnerable members of the Jewish and larger communities. Art-based opportunities open new doors for healing, rejuvenation, and introspection. Sara Roizen is an artist and licensed board-certified creative arts therapist. She received her BFA in Painting from the Rhode Island School of Design and a Masters in Art Therapy from Pratt Institute. 

Sara’s approach as an artist centers around the process rather than the finished product. She works spontaneously and intuitively in the studio in a form of dialogue between herself and the materials. According to Sara, “This process is a constant self-exploration, often revealing feelings of which I was previously unaware.”                                               


Sara has been featured in Inkandescent Women Magazine (2021) 

Many thanks to Sara and CJP for sharing this great opportunity with our staff at JFS!