With the help of JFS Board Member and 2022 Seize the Dream honoree Allan Chasen, the JFS Children’s Clothing Closet has found a new home at the Resource Room of the Framingham Public Schools. Allan’s expert assistance with the design and donation of materials has optimized the space so that it is functional and organized. All the wall shelving and free-standing units in the new space were donated by TJX. This move represents an aligning of mutual goals and deepening of the collaborative partnership between the Framingham Public School system and JFS, and enables staff to easily and efficiently provide assistance to families and students as needs arise.

About the JFS Resource Room:

    • Purpose: Providing basic needs items to families throughout the district, including clothes, shoes, school supplies, personal care items, seasonal items (eg. winter coats and boots, hats and gloves), sheets, blankets, and children’s toys/games. We emphasize new and good quality items. Integral to the effort is to provide families access to resources in a dignified manner.
    • Distribution: Families new to the district (many also are new to the country) can walk-in and shop at the Resource Room. Also, school social workers and administrators can place orders for families in need that our staff and volunteers pack. Bags are delivered directly to the schools. Non-Profit Partners/Donors: Hope and Comfort, Dignity Matters, Operation Warm, Delivering Good, Good 360, Learning Express, CJP, TJX
    • How you can help:
    • Volunteer: Contact Gail Gregory (Manager of Volunteer Services & Community Engagement). Click here to learn more about the JFS Children’s Clothing Closet