Jordan delivering gift cards to JFS CEO Lino Covarrubias and Senior Director of Philanthropy Jayne Lampert

Last month, Jordan, a 13-year-old from Newton, donated thousands of dollars of gift cards to JFS’s resettlement projects. In preparation for his Bar Mitzvah at Temple Beth Elohim in Wellesley, Jordan organized a gift card drive to support Afghan Evacuees and Ukrainian Refugees. 

Jordan spoke about what inspired him to take on this hands-on Mitzvah (social action) project: “Over the past couple of years, my family has donated toys and money to support Afghan Evacuees, and my Torah portion talks about welcoming people who are struggling. So, the gift card drive felt like a great way to involve something my family and me care about with a topic related to my Torah portion.” He added, “The Jews have had to flee their homes throughout history. With that history and experience, it’s our duty as Jews to take in and support others.”

Following the success of his project, Jordan shared advice for his classmates: “It’s worth taking time every day or every week to help others. In a few hours, the impact you can make in someone’s life is far greater than what you’d be giving up in those few hours. It’s the most meaningful way to spend your time.”

Looking to the future, Jordan hopes to become more involved in resettlement projects. “Once I’m older, I want to do in-person, interactive volunteering, where I can meet families and connect with them.” 

Thank you, Jordan!

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