Accelerating Equity



We hope this finds you well and enjoying the summer so far.

As our minds turn to vacations, barbeques and time with friends and family, we at JFS are also closely monitoring the war in Ukraine. Over the last several weeks, as the violence and devastation has spread throughout the region and individuals and families are fleeing, seeking safety and shelter with family and friends in other countries, we have received dozens of calls for help, with more coming in every day. Eager to find temporary shelter in the United States, our case managers are ALREADY working closely with over 30 individuals, providing a broad range of assistance including:

    • Information and referral
    • Understanding and applying for food stamps and other public benefits
    • Arranging for health screenings
    • Connecting individuals with English as a Second Language classes
    • Assisting with the work authorization process
    • Providing emergency cash assistance

JFS is also serving as a community convener, collaborating with local organizations and resettlement agencies to prepare for a growing number of individuals and families who will need assistance before the crisis is resolved.

As this work evolves, JFS is also continuing to provide support to others who need assistance. Over the last year, JFS:

    • Helped over 300 Jewish families with hundreds of hours of coordinating/case navigation services and providing basic needs assistance, including funeral costs, bereavement support and mental health services
    • Ensured a safe environment for hundreds, especially single immigrant mothers and their children, helping them access necessary medical care and maintain lodging when they were threatened with homelessness, including providing over $60,000 in rental/housing assistance
    • Increased the access of frail older adult clients to medical care through appointment escort services, health screenings and telehealth visits
    • Attended to the needs of hundreds of medically-compromised older adult clients with homemaker and personal care services enhancing safety, dignity, and independence
    • Provided hundreds of social worker engagement hours of expert Geriatric Care Management services, working with families caring for loved ones with dementia and other conditions that people face as they age

JFS impacts the lives of over 7,500 individuals each year, providing necessary life-saving assistance that was only possible because of YOUR donations. Over 80% of JFS’ operating budget is funded by philanthropic dollars and to continue to provide these services, we need your help.

Please make an unrestricted donation (all donations will be matched thanks to a generous donor) to ensure JFS has the resources it needs to assist our Ukrainian community members and the many others who call JFS for help.

Thank you for partnering with JFS to make a difference in our community. Wishing you a safe and healthy summer.