Meet the Newest Team Members!



Sandra Polanco Orellana

From: El Salvador

Speaks: Spanish and some English

Job Title: Homemaker

Sandra Polanco Orellana started as a homemaker with JFS January 5th of this year. She is from El Salvador, and she came to the United States back in 2018. She is fluent in Spanish but is making an effort to learn English. Sandra is a mom of two small children and is passionate about being the best mother she can be. She puts her best foot forward in everything she does. She loves going to the gym and is into health and fitness which happened after losing over 100 pounds post her last pregnancy!

Quote: “I love working as a Homemaker because I believe the work, I am doing is important. I love to help people and see how the services I help provide is improving someone’s quality of life”.




Tomiko Guzman Genao

From: The Dominican Republic

Languages Spoken: Spanish and some English

Job Title: Personal Care Homemaker

Tomiko Guzman Genao started working as a personal care homemaker for JFS again in January 5th of this year. When She first came to this country back in 2011 from the Dominican Republic, we were actually her first place of employment! She is fluent in Spanish and speaks/understands a little bit of English. She loves learning about law and hopes to one day continue her education. Tomiko has a huge heart and will go above and beyond of what is asked of her.

Quote: “I have tried other kinds of work, but I believe I belong in homecare even though it can be challenging at times. I find great satisfaction in being able to help others and know that working with JFS I am making a positive difference”.



Jennifer Cuellar Rivera

From: El Salvador

Languages Spoken: English and Spanish

Job Title: Personal Care Homemaker

Jennifer Cuellar Rivera began with JFS as a personal care homemaker on December 5 of 2022. She is very passionate about being a mother and loves spending time with her children. She is fluent in both English and Spanish and is from El Salvador. In her free time, Jennifer loves to go shopping and listen to music.

Quote: “I have been in this line of work for several years and love what I do. I enjoy helping others and care very much for the people I take care of”. 





Cleotilde Marte Severino

From: Dominican Republic

Languages Spoken: Spanish and some English

Job Title: Homemaker

Cleotilde Marte Severino was hired as a homemaker for JFS February 2nd of this month and will officially begin working on February 27th . Cleotilde is a very positive person who is excited to work with JFS. She is from the Dominican Republic and is currently vacationing there now!

Quote: “I enjoy being of service to others and know that the work I will be doing here at JFS is very important”.



Recruitment is ongoing, click to learn more about the homecare team!