Carol Chudnofsky, Past President (1999-2001)


Since its inception, JFS of Metrowest has valued and relied upon the leadership of many strong and talented women to champion the JFS mission and shape the agency for future generations. We asked Carol Chudnofsky who served as the JFS President from 1999-2001 to offer some thoughts on what it was like to serve in this role, particularly at a time when these positions were predominantly held by men. As a trailblazer and a leader of the agency, we are proud to share the following reflection and count Carol’s legacy as an important part of the agency’s history.

“Being President of JFS (1999-2001) made me who I am today. It gave me self-confidence and trained me in the art of diplomacy, compromise, empathy and listening to others – attributes that helped me in my professional career as well. JFS was a trailblazer in developing female leadership. 

I followed in the footsteps of many strong women, including two of our Executive Directors, Candy Mandell and Helene Kress. It was never a question of which gender was more capable.  The presidents who served gave everything they could, in their own unique style, to enhance the mission of the agency. Even at that time, no one seemed surprised to see females at the helm or expect us to “prove ourselves worthy.”

When I served my term, Marc Jacobs was fairly new in his position of Executive Director/CEO. His vision, talent and passion for helping those in need were inspiring, and I was in awe watching the undeniable rise of the agency’s reputation, now resting so comfortably in Lino Covarrubias’ capable hands.

I am proud to be a part of the extraordinary growth of JFSMW. I wish the future leaders of the agency much luck and satisfaction in their own personal journeys with a special shout-out to talented women everywhere.”