Dear Friends,

We hope this finds you and your family in good health. We at JFS are deeply concerned by the crisis in Israel and are one of the lead agencies helping Israeli war evacuees find temporary housing here in Massachusetts. We are writing to you today to ask for your help. As a community-based social service agency, JFS is often the first-place community members call when they are in crisis and over the last few weeks as colder temperatures have begun to set in, JFS has been inundated with calls from neighbors desperate for help, struggling to make ends meet and unable to keep up with increasing costs. Also, as JFS leads the community-wide response to help newly arriving Israelis find temporary shelter, our case managers are working feverishly to make connections, coordinate services and ensure that these victims of war are supported during this difficult and traumatic time.

When community members call JFS for help, we respond.

It is a Friday afternoon and JFS gets a call that a mom and her two young children have been found sleeping in their car. Case managers immediately provide the family with food and coordinate emergency shelter to ensure they have a safe place to sleep while an assessment is done to determine appropriate interventions and other assistance.

 It is a Sunday morning and JFS is alerted by the Mayor’s office that several families seeking asylum from Haiti have been relocated to Framingham with little more than the clothes on their backs. Working with city officials and partner organizations, JFS takes charge and leads a coordinated response to ensure the families have appropriate shelter and are connected with services, so they don’t end up living on the street.

It is a Tuesday evening and JFS gets a call from a man whose wife is being discharged from the hospital the next day after a stay due to a fall. She has dementia and he is frantically trying to arrange services so he can safely care for her at home. Case managers quickly assess the situation, connect the family with available services, provide recommendations to maintain a safe living environment in the short-term and work with the husband to develop a plan for long-term care.


JFS is different from other social service agencies because of our ability to nimbly and immediately respond to calls for help. To ensure that JFS has the funds necessary to address emerging and emergency needs, please make a donation today. 80% of JFS’ annual revenue is philanthropic dollars, supported by donors like you, and it is only with your help that JFS can make a difference in the lives over 7,500 people each year. Your confidence in JFS’ mission, leadership, programs and service is what sets us apart, and for this we are so grateful.


Thank you for partnering with JFS to make a difference in our community.

JFS’ sound fiscal management practices and commitment to accountability and transparency have earned it a multi-year 4-star rating from Charity Navigator (with a perfect score of 100% – less than one-tenth of 1% of charities rated earn a perfect score!) so, you can have confidence that your donation will drive change and make a difference.