May is Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month, a time when the histories, cultures and contributions of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders are acknowledged and celebrated.

As a multicultural and multilingual organization, JFS is proud to include Wen-Ying (Carol) Ju and Sean Woo as part of our growing staff – dedicated and caring, these team members work hard every day to ensure our neighbors receive the services they need, in the languages they speak.

Wen-Ying (Carol) Ju 朱紋瑩
With JFS since October 2013
Languages spoken: Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese, Taiwanese. Country of Origin: Taiwan
Asian Outreach Coordinator, Framingham Housing Authority
“Patient Navigator Program is extremely important for the Chinese community at both Framingham Housing Authority and Shillman House. The personal service toward seniors has tailored their needs greatly. The Chinese community has been benefitted from the program by having a Chinese speaking navigator drive them to doctor appointment, take them to the right place, help filling out forms from doctor office, interpret what the doctor said, and drive them home. They do not have to worry about the late/missed/no-show ride from insurance company to the facility and back home, nor getting lost in the facility,  using poor English to ask directions and communicate with receptionist and doctor. The Chinese Navigator does it all. Therefore, Chinese clients are very appreciative Patient Navigator Program.”

Sean Woo
With JFS since February 2018
“I have been working as a Patient Navigator since 2018. I have experienced a lot of appreciation and pleasure from the clients, that inspired me to do more jobs for them. I do also appreciate the great philanthropists who have contributed to the program to keep the program running which has touched everybody. I have been taking many Chinese elder people for their appointments from several communities where there are over hundred of them that especially have been feeling even more deeply grateful. Because all those Chinese seniors do not speak English and they wouldn’t attend any of the appointments due to the language barrier. Many of them ask me to pass their deeply thankful to the program. It makes me feel more meaningful for the job. I am proud of the greatest job I have done.”


We recognize and celebrate Carol, Sean and all with Asian/Pacific American Heritage who are working to accelerate social, academic and health equity in our community.