Supporting a workforce of over 60 employees and an operational budget of approximately $3 million, the JFS Finance and Business Office team is a highly skilled and responsive group of staff members who support all agency programs and keep the JFS engine running smoothly.  Functions include facilities management, vehicle maintenance, financial management, HR and payroll, administrative, compliance, equipment/supplies and systems/technology.
Meet our staff! 
Amanda Coughlin, LICSW
Senior Director, Operations and Revenue Programs
With JFS since September 2013
Born in the U.S., speaks English 
“The social workers, case managers and community program specialists at JFS are dedicated individuals who work hard to ensure that our most vulnerable community members have the help and resources they need to get through difficult times.
Supporting these efforts from behind the scenes is our incredible team of finance and administrative staff. These team members are the glue that holds the organization together – quickly responding when field workers ask for help; supporting the needs of clients, volunteers and community partners as they arise; ensuring that donations and contributions are managed responsibly; and working to refine and improve our systems so they effectively and efficiently support the agency’s mission and work in the community. Through their diligence, JFS has earned a multi-year rating of 4 stars from Charity Navigator and a Platinum Seal of Transparency from GuideStar. I am proud to be part of this outstanding team of talented professionals who ensure that JFS is ready each day, to support our neighbors in need and make a positive impact in our community.”

Elizabeth Ramirez-Grzela, MBA
Director of Finance
With JFS since September 2015
Born in the U.S., speaks English and Spanish 
“The work we as an organization perform on a daily basis is important because we improve the quality of life for our constituents, and we advocate and speak on behalf of those who cannot.”

Wendy Kogan
Director of Operations Systems and Technology
With JFS since December 2008
Born in the U.S., speaks English 
“I keep the JFS family running as smoothly as possible so that they can concentrate on helping the most vulnerable in our community. It has been even more urgent in these unprecedented times, to put new technology in place to keep the staff members connected with each other and with their clients. My job is incredibly rewarding, and in my own way, I feel as though I have an impact on our clients and donors.”

Natella Dayn
With JFS since September 2008

Born in Russia, speaks English and Russian

“I am proud to work at JFS as I am able to help the Russian-speaking immigrant community to make their lives’ little easier.”


Joanne Kane
With JFS since November 2015
Born in the U.S., speaks English

“JFS helps those who are struggling with various everyday things. It’s nice to know that I can help with various duties such as getting gift cards for clients and assisting with our food pantry. This work includes making sure that the pantry is stocked with food, and more importantly bringing people to the pantry so they have something to eat. I also help with the Patient Navigator Program by taking clients to their medical appointments. The clients are very grateful that we have this program and are able to get to and from the appointments as well as having someone to take notes for them. I also support with office duties like filing, sending out citizenship applications, and assisting mail and deliveries.”

Barbara Ann Mines 
With JFS since September 2014
Born in the U.S., speaks English 
“I am always in awe over the diversity of services and programs offered at JFS, as well as the support and passion that each staff person, regardless of their role, works toward helping those in need.

Maya Pestov
With JFS since September 2017
Born in the Ukraine (USSR), speaks English, Russian, Ukrainian, and Hebrew 

Justo Rosario-Lebrón
With JFS since February 2000
Born in Puerto Rico, speaks English and Spanish
“Justo is a jack of all trades at JFS. He started as a PCH in the Homecare program for many years, and then transitioned to take care of physical office needs at JFS. When you ask Justo about what he does, he just smiles and says “just doing my job” when in reality he is doing way more than that. When something (anything) needs to be fixed in the office, Justo is the one fixing it trying to save staffs’ time so they can dedicate their time and energy to the clients and money to the agency before calling out if is not needed. Now during COVID,  he will go to office at nights to disinfect work stations and common areas so staff will be confident it was safe to touch the doors, their keyboards, etc.”