In October 2022, when a group of migrants from Venezuela were transported to Martha’s Vineyard, JFS jumped into action and worked with partner organizations to ensure that the newcomers did not become homeless by helping them establish housing and connecting them with essential services.

In this article by Eve Zuckoff, the story of Carlos Luzardo (one of the migrants assisted by JFS) is told. He and others in his support team talk about his experience and the challenges that lie ahead. His story illustrates the desperation that drives so many migrants to flee their home countries – courageous, hard working individuals who come to the United States determined to live their lives in safety, free from violence.

JFS proudly stands with immigrants in our community and invites others to learn how to get involved in this important, life changing work.

To learn more, read “A journey continues: migrants reflect one year after being flown to Martha’s Vineyard” or listen to the story on