Launched in 2023, The JFS Center for Social Innovation provides an open and creative space where local non-profit organizations may convene to brainstorm and develop new and cutting-edge approaches to the many social challenges in the community.

To assist young professionals in growing these skills, JFS has partnered with Framingham State University’s Entrepreneur Innovation Center and recently hosted an ideation session. Students visited the Innovation Center and, with guidance from JFS CEO Lino Covarrubias and FSU’s Adjunct Professor of Social Entrepreneurship and Director of the EIC Christy Garcia, these budding entrepreneurs took on the challenge of the affordable housing crisis – first exploring the root causes, who is affected, what are the barriers, and then conceptualizing possible solutions. The implementation phase will be for another session.

“JFS is proud to partner with FSU’s Entrepreneur Innovation Center,” said Covarrubias. “We need the next generation to help solve the problems of today and we are excited for the opportunity to empower these emerging leaders in understanding and developing solutions that will address social challenges and make our communities better for everyone who lives in them.”

Thank you to Director Garcia and her student team for an inspiring day of thinking outside the box!

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