What Connects Us All
“One of the beautiful things about the world in which we live is the diversity and
the range of ways people can connect and find meaning and purpose.”

— Rabbi Marc Baker, CJP

JFS of Metrowest is proud to share CJP’s 2018 Annual Campaign Video which highlights some of the ways CJP is working with partner agencies like JFS to broaden impacts and build a better future for families in Greater Boston and around the world.

In the first segment, “Connecting through Caring” (with footage shot by Jim Floyd, ThelmaWorld), hear the story of Rebecca who came to JFS when she and her daughters were in crisis. Through support from JFS Family Assistance case managers provided a number of different services – from food and clothing to benefits and employment support – that moved Rebecca’s family from crisis to stability and gave them hope for the future.

In the segment titled “Connecting through Action”, JFS COO Lino Covarrubias joins CJP’s FACES (Fund to Aid Children and End Separation) mission trip to San Antonio where volunteers put Tikkun Olam into action.

JFS couldn’t be prouder of the impacts achieved through support
from CJP, 
a partnership that continues to grow and strengthen.
It is our work together that makes a bigger difference.