As Week 7 of “Work from Home” comes to a close, the JFS staff continue to start each morning with a smile.  While weeks and miles stand between the JFS staff, they continue to stay connected and close throughout this unprecedented period.  At the onset of the “Work from Home” period, JFS Director of Operations Systems and Technology Wendy Kogan began sending an all staff morning email to let them know that the business office was open and operational, and what began as an opening morning statement email has evolved into something to look forward to.  JFS staff have been coordinating guest “speakers” to send out the morning email, allowing everyone a chance to give their own insights during this unusual time.  They’ve celebrated colleagues’ birthdays over Zoom, virtually welcomed grandchildren and even sang Sweet Caroline together during the weekly all staff meeting.  Here are a few excerpts that will warm your heart:

Photos shared in various morning emails.

April is the holidays’ month and nothing will stop us from celebrating and enjoying the holidays.  We will create a unique virtual celebration this year, and we will be happy—making everyone virtually happy! …  Every day, I am starting the day by focusing on the small things that bring happiness to me and then closing the day with a positive acknowledgement of something I accomplished, learned or am grateful for.” – Nermin Helaly

“I’ve been thinking a lot about gratitude over the last several weeks, and I feel like it takes a very mindful person to constantly feel grateful for the things that they have and for the people in their lives.  For many of us, myself included, remembering to practice gratitude can be hard.  To no fault of our own, we are swept up into our routines, expectations, and plans, so much so that we take for granted, or even overlook, what we have.  This entire COVID experience has really turned so much of that on its head.  We really see the things that we care about and that we rely on—being social, seeing friends and family, having the freedom to go out when we want and where we want, attending school, work, etc.—now that we can’t necessarily have and do all of those things… Until I can share treats with you all again, I wanted to share some of my favorite baking recipes!” – Maggie Kenney

“To tell you the truth, after seven weeks at home, I am still trying to figure out what this new normal is as an individual, as a wife, as a mom, as a daughter, as an employee and as so many new roles that I have been (and still am) discovering to new levels in my life!  Sometimes it’s overwhelming, and I feel like screaming but remember that I have a good pair of lungs that can do that at any time. And I am grateful!  Every morning when I open my eyes, before even stepping out of my bed, the first thing that I do is give thanks for a new day, a new opportunity, a new chance to be a better person and try to do a little bit more than the day before.” – Damaris Medina-Hernandez


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