Audrey Epstein, CPT, CIFT
JFS Volunteer since May 2020
Audrey is a personal trainer, triathlete, and lover of all things outdoors. She loves practicing random acts of kindness and is hoping to break 80 on the golf course someday!
Why do you believe the work you are doing at JFS is important?
“People are meant to help each other–at least I’d like to think they are, and I’m so happy I am able to be able to bring a few people food and/or go with someone to a doctor’s appointment. To see the look of appreciation on someone’s face when I show up with a bag of meals and a smile is indescribable. COVID has taken so much from so many people, but it has given me the time and the opportunity to volunteer my time, and for that I am truly grateful.”
Watch this video and hear Audrey share the joys and satisfaction of volunteering with JFS
Video credits: Jim and Donnamarie Floyd, ThelmaWorld Productions
Audrey’s first volunteer role at JFS was delivering food to homebound, isolated elders. Since her first delivery in May, Audrey has consistently delivered food every other Thursday. The people who receive Audrey’s deliveries can sense her warmth and care from a smile that’s so big, no mask can hide it. In spite of Audrey’s busy schedule with her personal training clients, she wanted to do more. She joined the Patient Navigator volunteer team and took her first client to a doctor’s appointment in December
We’re grateful for Audrey’s commitment to help those in need. Thank you, Audrey!