Linda Weene
JFS Volunteer since February 2019

Linda is a mother, a grandmother, a retired elementary school principal, and currently a part-time coordinator for an early literacy program that supports underserved families. Linda enjoys exercise, international travel, her JFS volunteer work, and spending time with her friends and wonderful family.

Linda volunteers in the Warm Connector program, where volunteers are matched with older adults and create opportunities for them to connect with neighbors, friends, family and the community. During Linda’s two years as a JFS volunteer, she was able to provide friendship and support as the adult she was matched with was able to transition from being isolated in her own home to living at an older adult independent living apartment building. After the pandemic began, Linda continuously made the effort to visit with the client through weekly phone calls. Linda’s compassion for others makes this beautiful friendship between client and volunteer possible.

Why do you believe the work you are doing at JFS is important?
“I grew up in western Massachusetts with parents who made “reaching out” and “giving back” to others a priority. Through the years that has “translated” into my work in education and through participation in a number of charity-based running and biking events. Now, volunteering for JFS has become a perfect fit. The organization offers unique opportunities for volunteers to reach out to others while at the same time providing a strong network of professional support for both the JFS clients and their volunteers. In these times of “isolation” receiving a call or note from someone who cares to check-in and listen can make a small, but hopeful difference for so many members of our community. As a JFS volunteer, I am delighted to have the opportunity to be a part of such a caring, generous and supportive team.”

We’re so grateful for Linda’s commitment to support those in need. Thank you, Linda!