(photo credit: HIAS, Getty Images, Anadolu Agency)

Dear Friends of JFS,

As many of you are aware, JFS has been involved with refugee resettlement since its founding. JFS is currently the only Jewish agency in Greater Boston that is involved in this noble and sacred work along with other organizations such as Catholic Charities of Boston, The Refugee & Immigrant Assistance Center (RIAC), and The International Institute of New England, to name a few. We continue to be able to resettle families in our area that have family/friend connections (known as cases with US ties) through a sub-contract with our partner agency JFS of Western MA. Our administrator (connection between the resettlement agencies and the U.S. State Department) is HIAS (Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society). HIAS put out a statement recently concerning the Afghan refugee crisis.

We are ready and waiting to resettle any of the Afghani refugees in the Greater Boston area. If you wish to donate to JFS’ refugee program, you can do so here. If you wish to sponsor a family, please reach out.  As a Veteran-led organization, JFS with our CEO Lino Covarrubias is very committed to the cause of the Afghan people especially those that helped the U.S. Government as translators. Our CEO specifically had a close friend of his family pay the ultimate price in Afghanistan https://www.cplmarkgoyet.com/. We owe it to the memories of those lost in Afghanistan to execute on our Jewish values of Justice (צדק‎, Tzedek) and help those families and individuals that our government and specifically our military forces depended on for the last 20 years to bring safety and hope to the Afghan people.

Thank you for your caring as these families seek safe haven.

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