On October 19th, Edward Shapiro of the Shapiro Foundation presented on the topic, “My Journey in Philanthropy.” Click here to watch the virtual presentation!

In 2016, Ed and and his wife, Barbara, led a successful community-wide effort–including local, regional and national partners—to sponsor Syrian refugee families being resettled in Greater Boston, including the JFS Syrian Refugee Humanitarian Project. This program convinced Ed to start his next chapter, retiring from his 27-year investment management career in order to devote himself full-time to tackling the global refugee crisis.

As an investor willing to make concentrated commitments to organizations/management teams he believes in, Ed has spent the past several years immersing himself in all aspects of the refugee crisis–from understanding the causes of migration, legal and political responses, the impact on the economies of settlement countries, the history of resettlement, the role of UN agencies, national and local governments, and the opportunities to identify and support “win-win” opportunities for bottom-up, community sponsorship to support resettled refugees.

Currently, Ed and Barbara are partners in and supporters of JFS Afghan Evacuee Placement Program.

We are pleased to report that within the last few weeks we have welcomed two Afghan families into our community (four adults and 3 children) and, with the help of our partners, we are working hard to help them get settled and acclimated to their new surroundings.


Ways you can help:
    • Donations: If you are able to provide financial assistance to support the housing and other needs of these arriving families, please click here to make a contribution. Please note that we have a match up to $15,000.00 so make your donation today and have twice the impact!
    • Gift Cards: An easy way to immediately start helping is by starting a drive for gift cards to donate to the effort: Stop and Shop, Market Basket, Target, Walmart, and CVS are all greatly appreciated. Donations of gift cards can be delivered to JFS of Metrowest, 475 Franklin Street, Suite 101, Framingham, MA 01702, Attention: Amanda Coughlin
    • Housing: Housing continues to be the most urgent need. If you have a separate space with a private bathroom – such as a rental property, in-law apartment, vacation home, etc. – in the greater Boston/Metrowest area that can be made available for an incoming family, please click here and complete the form.


Thank you for partnering with JFS to ensure these families have what they need as they take their first steps towards safety in the shelter of our welcoming community.


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