Pictured above is Annette Alderman and two residents from Hastings House during their session at the monthly Blood Pressure Clinic.


JFS is collaborating with the Framingham Housing Authority to support resident seniors to remain healthy, independent, and age in place as part of the Naturally Occurring Retirement Community (NORC). JFS has implemented and manages a healthy aging program called “Healthy Partners” at two different subsidized senior housing sites- Hastings House and Rose Kennedy Lane. The NORC programs deliver services, develop partnerships, mobilize resources, and foster the creation of environments that promote aging in place. They are also a cost-effective way to keep seniors in their homes and out of nursing homes, allowing them to age with dignity in their communities.

One wellness program that is essential and helpful to both Hastings House and Rose Kennedy Lane residents is the blood pressure clinic that occurs once a month. The Blood Pressure Clinic helps residents self-manage and monitor their cardiovascular health. Annette Alderman, a registered nurse, goes to these senior living sites to meet with residents to take their blood pressure, weight, discuss medication changes and any cardiovascular symptoms. February is Heart Health month, and it is very important for older adults to be aware of the signs and symptoms of cardiovascular issues. 

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