Pictured above is Amanda, Jake, Sam, and Will Glynn along with Tate Phillips. Who generously donated 20+ bags of food to the Lucy & Joe Press Food Pantry.


Earlier this month, JFS received an incredibly generous donation to the Lucy and Joe Press Food Pantry, which provides emergency food and hygiene products to community members in need. Tate Philips & Jake Glynn decided to hold a canned food drive to honor the life of their fellow classmate, Eliza Norton. The Eliza J. Norton Foundation asked the community to celebrate Eliza’s birthday by doing acts of kindness for a week.

The Eliza J. Norton Foundation’s Mission:

The Eliza J. Norton Foundation aims to continue Eliza’s legacy by providing children with increased access to and enhanced experiences in athletics and beyond with a focus on teamwork, good sportsmanship, and community building.

The Eliza J. Norton Foundation’s Goals:


Eliza was a fierce supporter of her friends, teammates, and classmates. We continue her mission to help children be confident individuals and to stand up for others. This goal is achieved through targeted programs and partnerships with school districts and national children’s organizations.


Eliza was a bright, active girl with boundless energy, whose favorite place to be was on a rink, field, or monkey bars with her friends and teammates. Her foundation will work with communities to enable investment in spaces of play, including playgrounds, ball fields, and hockey rinks.


Eliza craved “the crunch of the ice” under her skates and was at her absolute happiest when playing ice hockey.  Through this program, we are committed to promoting and expanding access to the game she loved for children and especially girls locally and nationwide.  


Tate Philips & Jake Glynn asked their friends, family, and community to contribute to this project, and all of the donations went to the Lucy & Joe Press Food Pantry at JFS of Metrowest. Tate & Jake got many donations in the form of cash, checks, gift cards, and canned goods. They took the cash, checks, and gift cards to stop and shop and purchased peanut butter, jelly, mac & cheese, pasta, and snack type foods. Over 400 items were donated and will be distributed to those in emergency situations.

A big thank you to Tate Philips & Jake Glynn for their incredible donation! 

Click here to learn more or donate to the Lucy & Joe Press Food Pantry