Last month, we had a group of volunteers help out at one of our clothing storage containers at Framingham High School. The volunteers helped to sort, count and inventory clothing that we received in a large shipment from a community partner. Overall, the volunteers were able to organize 48 bins of clothing that will all be brought to and distributed in the Resource Room at FPS. We are so grateful for the support and dedication of all of the volunteers who helped out, especially working outside in the heat!

The volunteers that helped were:
    • Judi Locke
    • Lisa Deveau
    • Lucas Deveau
    • Deb Weinhaus
    • Noa Weinhaus
    • Kasha Schwarzman
    • Rachel Seliber
    • Annabel Dodd
Staff and Interns:
    • Sadie Solomon
    • Lucia Panichella
    • Kayla Hopkins